Final NPS centennial stamp is a glowing Yellowstone bison

NPS centennial stamps.

NPS centennial stamps.


Author: D. Madison
Date: 04.26.16

To celebrate this year’s NPS centennial, 16 Forever Stamps will enter circulation, each carefully selected in order to showcase the breadth and diversity of our nation’s national park system.  

The last stamp in the series has just been unveiled and features a photograph of two bison silhouetted against the Yellowstone’s winter morning sun.   The image was captured by Art Wolfe of Seattle, WA, who described it to the NPS as, “a perfectly backlit bison standing on a small rise in Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley.”  

Amazingly, Wolfe shot the image in February 2000 using a Canon EOS-3, EF70-200mm lens set at f/16 for 1/250 sec. using Fujichrome Velvia film, meaning he had to haul his film in for processing before he could be sure he captured the shot!  In today’s digital age, it is a compliment to Wolfe that his image is still considered in such high regard.

For more information on the NPS Stamp collection, click here.

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