Backpacking suspended in Arches National Park


Author: TrailMob
Date: 10.05.16

MOAB, Utah - The National Park Service is no longer issuing backpacking permits in Arches National Park.

According to the park website, the current Backcountry Management Plan for Arches National Park is outdated, having been completed in 1988. However, over the course of the past 10 years the percentage of backpacking permits issued in Arches has increased by more than 500%. “It is time for the park to examine the resource impacts caused by this increased use and to update the Backcountry Management Plan. Effective September 6, 2016, and for the duration of the project, backcountry overnight use has been suspended.”  

The park’s current management page lists the 1988 Backcountry Management Plan as a complete project. A quick look at the National Park Service’s Planning, Environment and Public Comment website shows no active projects in Arches, with the park’s own website saying “there are currently no projects with documents open for public review for Arches National Park.” reached out to the National Park Service and was told there is no difinetive answer to when or if backcountry permits will be issued at this time.  Our request for comment from Southeast Utah, Superintendent Kate Cannon have not been returned at the time of publishing. We will update this article as details become available.

Arches’ only established campground, Devils Garden Campground, will also be closed March 1 through October 31, 2017 for a construction project.

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Trails of interest:

  1. Park Avenue Trail
  2. Delicate Arch Trail
  3. Devil’s Garden Trail (ANP)

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